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A great Pimping game. 4 players. First player gets from the audience a silly little problem, like My Shoelaces are Untied, and a simple object, say a kitchen cabinet.

First player starts a scene in which the Problem arises, and her character is unable to fix the problem. Hence she calls in (explictly) the help of Kitchen Cabinet Man. This is a SuperHero, like Superman, Spiderman, you know that kind of cartoon-character heroe types.

Our Superman comes in with lots of brou-haha (high Status ) only to make the problem worse (and a status switch to low status). So our hero calls in the help of yet another Superman. Use whatever you can think of first. Say Toothpaste Man. Again this hero comes in high status, screws up even more, does a status switch and calls in yet another hero, who finally fixes the problem.

The game is really pimping folks into playing outrageous superheroes. The status switch from high to low after screwing up is pretty important too here.

See also Mr. So and So for another Pimping game.



Talkers are no good doers --- William Shakespeare, "Henry VI"

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