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Space Jump


This is like an extended Freeze Tag game.

4 players. One player starts miming an every day activity or routine. A second player (or the MC) calls Freeze and the first one freezes. Second player builds another scene based on the frozen position of the first player.

The other 2 players enter the same way. Once players 3 and 4 are in, as soon as Freeze is called, 2 and 3 take on their positions in which they were frozen, and continue their scene. And so on backwards.

As soon as player 1 is back alone in his activity, he needs to finish it and that ends the game.


When a scene is continued, keep adding players until everyone is in, then work your way backwards. When a previous cene is continued, the players continue in the future, perhaps in a new location, and they fustify their new physical positions - Growing and Shrinking Machine .



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