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Pronounce as `Maestro`. Comparable to Gorilla Theatre , but a bit easier, and can be played with a fairly large number of players ( up to 20), and 2 directors.

The names of all players are on a big score board. The directors choose for every game the appropriate number of players, perhaps by fishing name tags out of a hat. The directors explain the improv game to be played, perhaps ask the audience for suggestions, direct and correct the scene.

After each scene or game the audience decides, by cheering or applause how many points the scene should be awarded. Each player gets as many points as the scene he or she played in was awarded.

Once everyone has played in a scene, the players with the lowest score drop off, and the whole thing starts again. The directors ensure that (certainly with large groups of players) that there are more group-games at the start of the evening, and more 2-person scenes or even monologues toward the end of the evening.

This is a fun format that can be played with mixed bunches of experienced and not-so- experienced players. Since players are immediately judged, it is perfectly possible to pitch a start player after the first round. Since this system is basically somewhat unfair, and everybody knows this, no one should take elimination too personal (well, that`s the idea anyway).

For beginners it`s a nice format, as the directors will correct obvious blunders. And since all players in a scene get the same score, this format limits competition between players in a scene.


The (copyrighted) format is attributed to Keith Johnstone , and also described in his book Impro for Storytellers .



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